WWTP Reference Design Revision and DBO Contract Change Support KAMPALA

  • Project Title

  • Country

  • Project Year

  • Project Value

  • : WWTP Reference Design Revision and DBO Contract Change Support KAMPALA

  • : Uganda

  • : 2013

  • : 81MI EUR

  • Type of Services Provided:

    • Assess the merits and demerits of the site relocation option with regard to cost savings, contractual claims and other legal implications, technical feasibility, compliance in relation to the overall project objective.
    • Rapid cost assessment of the proposed actions Vs the current project costs for both Nakivubo and Kinawataka WWTPs projects.
    • Review of the studies, design and tender docs and support of elaboration, development of cost reducing measures.
    • LCC calculations, delivering present values plus annuities (EUR per m³, per Mg BOD, per capita and year etc.).
    • Recommendation on the way forward on the procurement and implementation of Kinawataka WWTP, the outstanding sewer network tender and other related sites.

    Detailed Description of Project:

    The water source for the City of Kampala is the fresh water of the Lake Victoria. Most of the City's wastewater is directed untreated into the Lakes Murchinson Bay through the Nakivubo channel. This is not only environmentally hazardous and putting the public health at risk, but also causing enormous financial and technical problems, as the City's water works are depending on raw water from the Bay.

    A master plan and a feasibility study were done, followed by detail designs and 2 DB and 1 DBO tender documents for three wastewater treatment facilities (Lubigi, Kinawataka and Nakivubo) including the rehabilitation and extensions of the sewer networks within the respective catchment areas.

    Now, after very unfavourable soil conditions, optimistic cost calculation and other diffuse issues have led to almost triple budget requirements than originally projected and approved by the donor banks, the WWTP project implementation had come to a halt, after the DBO contractor for Nakivubo, Kinawataka had been assigned.

    To resolve the problems and to sustain the objectives of the protection project, NWSC has approached the banks with a relocation and downscale programme, which includes the transformation of Kinawataka WWTP into a pre-treatment- and pumping station and to relocate the construction of Nakivubo WWTP to the existing site at Bugolobi WWTP, where the soil conditions and legal issues are better and more predictable. Here, the sewerage from Nakivubo and Kinawataka can be treated together in the relocated WWTP.

    CEEM - the Consultants for Environmental Engineering and Management, Professor Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. pol. K.-U. Rudolph GmbH, was assigned by National Water and Sewerage Corporation NWSC to undertake a "Rapid Assessment of the Technical, Legal, Financial and Economic Impacts of a Modified Sitting Concept for the Wastewater Treatment Facilities of the Nakivubo and Kinawataka Drainage Zones" (contracted through KfW, AfDB, EIB).

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