Decentralised Water Purification Concepts

The demand for clean and pure drinking water is growing everyday as our cities and industries grow. Existing water treatment plants can barely meet current needs for both the public as well as private sector. Often existing infrastructure cannot keep up with the growing demand or faces breakdown and maintenance issues resulting in gaps in the supply of clean and pure water.

New infrastructure cannot be developed as and when required due to budgetary, time and land acquisition issues.

Even for private industries who want to scale up their operations or meet increased requirements of water it is not possible to build and setup additional water treatment capacities immediately or within a short period.

There exists a need for decentralised water filtration solutions that can meet these immediate requirements.

INWASOL has created concepts and business models for decentralised flexible solutions in water filtration. It has over the last few years developed many innovative concepts in water filtration.

INWASOL provides containers with pre-fitted water filtration systems, which can be deployed as and when required. These water filtration systems inside the containers can also be customised as per the specific needs & requirements of industries and municipal organisations.

They can be transported and setup in rural areas or other hard to access geographical areas. It is this flexibility that helps make it a viable business model that can also be scaled as and when required. The containers can also be deployed for different time periods as required. Industries can use these containers to meet their water filtration requirements till their own facilities can be installed and are up and running.

Concepts developed by INWASOL have helped provide clean drinking water in the rural areas of UP. They have also helped provide clean and safe drinking water at an economical price to areas like Nallasopara, (a suburb close to Mumbai) where the residents are forced to buy water even for their daily needs.

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