Mobile Water Disinfection Services

Mobile Water Disinfection Services: High End Drinking Water Disinfection as a Low Cost Services Concept

INWASOL has developed a concept for safe and clean drinking water for customer groups, which are not able to buy or to operate an own water disinfection plant. The concept offers a powerfull disinfection solution for drinking water, based on an innovative German technology, and as a full services concept. Since the disinfection solution is in liquid form and non hazardous in handling, it can easily be packed and afterwards being transported to the endcustomers.

"Mobile Water Disinfection Services" offer

  • Highly effective and safe water disinfection with innovative German REDO Technology
  • Excellent mobility, can be transported in canisters without danger potentials
  • Completely safe in handling
  • Very simple usage
  • The disinfection solution is biodegradable, non hazardous in operation and without dangerous side effects or byproducts.
The disinfection liquid can be delivered to e.g.

  • - Hospitals
  • - Schools
  • - Rural Areas
  • - Hotels
  • - Livestock Breeding Farms
  • - Food Processing Companies
  • - Corporate Offices and Residential Buildings
  • - Industry Clients

How it works:

- Based on the disinfection requirements we either supply the REDO disinfection liquid in jars which the user can add to his water storage tank or we install a dosing station at the customer’s premises for automatic dosing into his pipeline - The customers receive regularly the REDO disinfection liquid through our full services concept - The customer does not have to operate or buy an own water disinfection plant - The customers are served based on a long term contract with monthly payments
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