Energy Solutions

Combination of water purification with renewable energies

For energy-intensive water purification methods INWASOL prefers a combination with renewable energies in its projects. Especially desalination- and RO plants have a very high energy demand. Through desalination and RO plants drinking water can be extracted from seawater or saline groundwater in areas with water scarcity.

The world over research is conducted to reduce energy consumption of the desalination / RO processes. Another approach to make desalination and RO more eco-friendly and sustainable is through the use of renewable energy instead of conventional energy sources.

Inwasol and its German partners have developed concepts that allow the technical combination of renewable energies and desalination / RO, as well as enabling a business model in which the energy production contributes to the revenue model of a project, thus might providing a cross-subsidy for the water production.

Depending on the size of a water plant and its energy consumption, renewable energy concepts for water projects can be realized through a combination with new or existing renewable energy plants or – for smaller projects – by using solar containers, e.g. in addition to water purification containers.

Solar Energy

Solar energy can provide power supply for potable water and wastewater plants
Energy from Wastewater

Energy can be generated from wastewater plants

Wind Energy

Wind energy can be used for the power supply of water plants
CO2 Savings and Water

CO2 savings and carbon credits can be generated through water disinfection projects

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