The Multi Barrier Technology

REDO Water Systems' award winning technology is the answer to drinking water disinfection and hygiene challenges.

  • REDO units are developed based on superior technology that works with 6 different oxidants.
  • In contrast to conventional forms of water treatment, chemical additives are not necessary.
  • With small amounts of salt and electricity, the highly reliable units disinfect water to ensure a high quality of drinking water.
  • REDO installations fit any size of water production plant from small, decentral wells with only hundreds of cubic metres of water per day to large central plants with more than 100 MLD.
  • REDO received the Innovation Award of the German government in 2004.
  • With installations in 32 countries, in the application areas public water supply, buildings, transport sector, food and beverage industry, agricultural sector and special industries, REDO disinfection is market proven.

Success factor of REDO technology
The success factor of REDO technology is the mix of six disinfecting agents

The interplay of different oxidizing and disinfecting agents with different ranges of efficacy provides a particularly broad disinfection. The intensity of REDO(r)lyt, e.g. measured by an excellent Redox potential of more than 1180mV, guarantees a very effective disinfection even at relatively low overall concentrations.

With the REDO mix of six disinfecting agents, each of the disinfecting agents is used in very low concentrations, thereby avoiding the disadvantages of other disinfection methods that are based on single active agents and releasing dangerous by products which are hazardous to our health.

Main Advantages of REDO Disinfection:

  • Highly effective water disinfection, fighting also difficult germs
  • Totally safe in production, handling and dosing
  • Minimal disinfection byproducts
  • Long depot effect
  • No corrosion due to PH neutral disinfection
  • Low maintenance and easy to handle
REDO Disinfection Systems use

  • Water
  • Pure common salt
  • Low energy consumption

to produce the six strongest disinfection agents on site within the customer premises.

The unique combination of the advantages of ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and oxygen supported through dihydrogene dioxide and sodium hydroxyde (MOWD process) results into an insuperable 'multi-barrier disinfection process' - with the final removal of bacteria, germs, spores and other harmful vermins.

The disinfection solution is biodegradable, nonhazardous in operation and without dangerous side effects or byproducts.

REDO Disinfection Technology combines and accumulates the power of six disinfection agents to exceptional short contact time with an outstanding long-term effectiveness.

The main application areas for REDO Water Disinfection are:

Public Utilities

REDO offers safe, healthy and effective water disinfection for Public Water Supply and Utilities.

REDO Disinfection is best suited for Airports and Shipyards and the Food Processing & Beverage Industry.

REDO can be used for effective disinfection in the Poultry- and Dairy Farming, and the Fruits & Vegetables Industry.

A main application area for REDO disinfection are Hospitals, beside Hotels & Resorts, Residential & Commercial Buildings.
Mobile Units

REDO Mobile Units can be used for military & disaster relief due to its high capacity, minimum weight and simple operation.
Swimming Pools

REDO Disinfection can also be used for Pools. It is being used for the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest
References: REDO Installations in 32 Countries

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