Wastewater Treatment Plant, ZELL AT THE LAKE for the image

  • Project Title

  • Country

  • Project Year

  • Project Value

  • : Wastewater Treatment Plant, ZELL AT THE LAKE

  • : Austria

  • : 1998 - 2002

  • : 12.8 MI EUR

  • Type of Services Provided:

    • Consulting
    • Engineering and design supervision
    • Procurement (EPC + O)
    • Supervision of construction works (FIDIC)

    Detailed Description of Project:

    For the enlargement and upgrading of their sewage treatment plant for 70,000 p. e. (25,000 m³/d), including storm water and snow-melting water inflow, the Municipal Wastewater Association of Zell at the Lake Side decided to tender the construction works under a specific EPC+O scheme (engineering, procurement, construction and operation).
    The Prof. Dr. Dr. Rudolph GmbH were assigned as consultant for this project

    • To advise in selecting and designing the appropriate utmost cost-effective approach respectively organisation and tender scheme,
    • To carry out the tender process according to EU- and FIDIC-rules,
    • To supervise the construction works according to FIDIC Golden Book and Red Book as well as the Austrian GOI guidelines,
    • To assist the Client in supervising the operational set-up.
    Submitted offers were examined in order to find out, which combination of proposals would lead to the lowest wastewater fees. Three solutions had to be considered:

    (1) Turn-key construction contract (FIDIC-type), with operations and financing to be done by the association (= client),
    (2) turn-key construction plus operations contract with financing to be done by the client,
    (3) full BOOT-contract.

    This Extended Tender Model was developed and advised by the Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-U. Rudolph GmbH (since then successfully executed for various other STP-projects in Germany and world-wide). For the first time, this extended tender procedure was confirmed by OECD and EU before the authorised court.

    The sewage treatment plant is operated successfully since more than 10 years with a modern process technology, including laminar separators in the activated sludge tanks, with high content of dry solids (6 kg/m³).

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