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  • : Nambia

  • : 2008 - Ongoing

  • : 20 MI EUR

  • Type of Services Provided:

    • Financial feasibility analysis & tariff modelling
    • Advice on various PSP options
    • Design of PSP concept
    • Project PSP presentation & education
    • Tender documentation and procurement
    • Overall technical-financial project optimisation

    Detailed Description of Project:

    The City of Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. The City has an estimated 300 000 inhabitants and is perhaps best known for operating a direct potable water reclamation scheme since 1969. In order to have a better quality effluent available for reclamation the development of the City was structured in such a way that most of the industrial waste water is separated from the domestic portion and drains toward the Ujams Wastewater Treatment Plant (UWTP). The UWTP has been in operation for the past 35 years and is solely responsible for the treatment of all effluent (mainly high strength industrial effluent) generated in the Northern Industrial Area of Windhoek.

    Due to severe overloading, the existing wastewater treatment plant (pond system) has been unable to fulfil its purpose for several years. The poor quality of the treated effluent and strong odours currently pose a severe environmental threat to the surrounding area downstream of the plant.

    The City of Windhoek was looking for a scheme whereby a private entity (Investor) establishes and operates the plant while the City of Windhoek only pays per cubic meter of treated effluent in a BO. In return this cost will be recovered from the polluter through enforcing the recently established discharge tariffs as well as the possible resale of the reclaimed water for commercial/industrial purposes.

    Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-U. Rudolph GmbH, as member of an international consortium, was responsible for advising the client with the final design of the PSP concept (including a financial feasibility analysis of different technological solutions), design of the BOX-contract and managing the tender process.

    The WWTP will be completed by mid 2014 under a BOOT contract, with an MBR process.

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