TAC NUSP (Technical Advisory Committee to support the National Urban Sanitation Policy)

  • Project Title

  • Country

  • Project Year

  • Project Value

  • : TAC NUSP (Technical Advisory Committee to support the National Urban Sanitation Policy)

  • : India

  • : 2012 - 2015

  • : 50,000 EUR

  • Type of Services Provided:

    • Support of the government and public bodies in decision making regarding water utility performance improvement
    • Structuring of PSP concepts, contractual issues for selected cases
    • Support local bodies in value engineering related to PSP projects and financial engineering related to PSP investments
    • Advise in financial management, defining output (performance) based fees, , collection rates
    • Research and propose technologies and localised business models for septage management
    • Contribute to training activities for governmental experts and national PSP consultants

    Detailed Description of Project:

    By 2050 the urban population in India will almost double. The number of Megacities with more m 10 people will increase from 3 (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai) to 6 (plus Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai). The number of large cities > m 1 will be 75 by the year 2021.

    The NUSP - National Urban Sanitation Plan C was institutionalised by the Indian Government through the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) to enforce and coach the installation and management of adequate sanitation systems in the country. The MoUD estimates an investment of billion 250 € for urban wastewater facilities for the next decade.

    A decree has been released to enforce the option of PSP, Private Sector Participation. The general rule is that, wherever municipalities cannot fulfil the standards, the state is obliged to take over the responsibility. And wherever the state is not able to realise the investment and management, the National Government will take over. All responsible public bodies have to ensure 100 % sanitation, and look into adequate financing mechanisms, tariff systems and shall consider PSP for efficient implementation.

    In this context, the Ministry has installed a TAC - Technical Advisory Committee, consisting of 6 high-ranking experts, 3 of these international experts. Prof Dr Mult K-U Rudolph was assigned as one of the three international TAC members, with a special mandate to advise the National Government with PSP in water and sanitation. This mandate includes supporting capacity development and advisory activities for decision makers, water and sanitation utilities, Indian project officers and consultants as well as other stakeholders involved on the state level, provincial level and municipal level (like water service industry, NGO's, non-governmental organisations etc.).

    In this context, running projects, ongoing tenders, proposed PSP contracts are analysed and evaluated. The state of the art and innovation potentials for local water business development has been researched and documented with decentralised water and sanitation (detailed in technical and financial engineering for septage management).

    CEEM, under Prof Rudolph, is also requested to propose its own concepts, solutions, and to train national consultants, which (due to the history of emerging countries) have not yet collected long-term experience and expertise.

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